Digital Preservation Working Group

In 2015, APAC formed a working group of interested members to focus on the digital preservation of performing arts collections. Digital preservation and digital records are parts of a constantly evolving approach to ensure that the records of the past and the present are still available in the future.

Performing arts collections, as a consequence of recordings of rehearsals and performances, tend to include large quantities of varied formats of moving image material. The care of this material in order to keep it viewable is ever changing, and the digital space required to store the material can be prohibitively expensive.

APAC members span a wide range of interaction with and experience of digital record-keeping. Some members have set up systems for the care and delivery of digital records; others are digitising analogue formats; and others are considering how to approach these areas. 

This working group is open to all interested APAC members. It exists to update members’ skills and knowledge and connect them with experts in the field. At quarterly meetings, members discuss their needs and report on developments. 

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Digital Preservation Guidance Series

The working group is currently producing a six-part guidance series, with accompany case studies, on different aspects of digital preservation in the performing arts sector – the first three parts have been published so far:

Digital Preservation Series Part 1: Making the Case
Digital Preservation Series Part 2: Options for Digital Preservation
Digital Preservation Series Part 3: Moving Image