Code of Conduct

The objectives of APAC are to:

  • Advocate the widest possible engagement in performing arts heritage collections by the general public
  • Aromote the historical importance of collections to regional and national communities and increase public awareness of the need to preserve such collections for the future
  • Provide a forum for the exchange and dissemination for information, expertise and best practice in performing arts collections and heritage organisations
  • Assist with the development of skills in documenting and promoting the performing arts, to enable better safeguards and thus greater access to all potential users

Membership of APAC is a commitment to the following professional codes:

Values and Principles

  • To abide by APAC’s objectives
  • To act in accordance with APAC’s constitution, and agreed aims and policies
  • To act in the best interests of APAC and the overall membership


  • To read papers and prepare for member meetings
  • To send apologies in advance of meetings that cannot be attended
  • To support the Chair in their role as meeting facilitator
  • To participate in reasoned debates, but be willing to accept a majority decision
  • To express dissent where necessary, but avoid conflict
  • To help others concentrate on the meeting and discourage side conversations
  • To participate fully in the meeting;
    • Listen to what others have to say
    • Keep an open mind
    • Contribute positively to the discussions
    • Try to be concise and avoid soliloquies

Conflicts of Interest

  • To not accept any financial benefit as a member of APAC other than that authorised by the constitution and properly agreed by the Board
  • To declare any personal conflicts of interest and withdraw from the decision-making process on that issue
  • To draw attention to any potential conflicts of interest that may arise in a meeting


  • To not disclose any confidential information concerning any aspect of APAC and its day to day operation
  • To seek clarification from the committee if unsure
  • To only speak on behalf of APAC when authorised to do so by the Chair
  • To maintain respectful relationships with my fellow members of APAC, its employees and/or volunteers

APAC’s Obligation to its Membership

  • Regular financial reports and an update of activities
  • Adequate notice of meetings and circulate relevant agendas and papers in a timely fashion
  • Meetings will be conducted professionally in a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment

Last update: November 2020