What connects our members’ collections? Here we put a spotlight on some of the themes that tie us together.


Featuring in costume, props, scenery and advertising, feathers have been a go- to for many makers and designers on stage and screen….

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Movement is an important aspect of performing arts. The way actors move on stage can communicate so much to an audience. Here we use the term in it’s broadest sense- pulling images and videos from our member’s collection that emphasize choreography, dance, physical movement, body language and combat…

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Programme for Jack and the Beanstalk, Drury Lane, 1899

Programmes and Posters

Arguably the most popular surviving items of performing arts history, programmes have a unique story to tell as they capture details of performances past but also represent the social history of the people, places and owners they represent. Here we’ve matched these programmes with publicity material…

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Explore all themes in a selection of our member’s collections….

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