Membership of the Association of Performing Arts Collections is open to any institution or corporate body in the United Kingdom and Ireland primarily concerned with the acquisition, preservation, documentation, and display of material relating to any branch of the performing arts. Interested individuals and students are also welcome to join APAC.

Commercial organisations seeking to join APAC may apply to become APAC Associates.

Two Membership Levels

  • National: You become a member of APAC and receive APAC’s benefits. National membership is open to institutions, individuals, and students in the UK and Ireland.
  • International: You become a member of both APAC and SIBMAS, the International Association of Libraries, Museums, Archives and Documentation Centres of the Performing Arts. You receive the benefits of both associations. It is advantageous to join SIBMAS through APAC’s international option because the APAC membership secretary handles all the membership administration and Euro exchange. So, only one invoice for you to process.

Membership Benefits

Click the link to see the membership benefits offered by APAC and SIBMAS.

Membership Fees

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Code of Conduct

All APAC Members are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct.

How to Join APAC

APAC Membership is processed in one annual intake cycle. We usually start inviting subscriptions in November (for 12 month January – December membership). However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this year we’ve decided to push this back a few months.

Therefore registration will now open in February 2021 (for 12 month April – March membership).

We hope that this extension will give members some breathing space in this incredibly difficult and tumultuous period. It will also give us time to complete our upgrade of this website. We’re working hard on it now and expect it to be ready to serve by the start of 2021.

Please do check back in February. Look out for our members emails, our Twitter feed, or write to us at the address below for more information.


Please email the membership secretary: