Theatre Venues Authority Database

APAC’s Authority Working Group is in the initial phase of a project to compile an accurate, up-to-date UK theatre venue authority dataset. This will allow coherent cataloguing of theatre names across library, museum and archive cataloguing systems. The authority record will provide recommended cataloguing name format, relevant dates for the name, cross-references to earlier names, and location co-ordinates, among other information.

Through a Subject Specialist Network grant from Arts Council England, in 2015, APAC was able to partner with AusStage to create the dataset below, which shows authority records for UK and Irish theatres in the AusStage database. APAC’s Authority Working Group plans to enhance and add to this dataset.

This online resource is in its very early stages, and we appreciate your patience while volunteers tackle the extensive work required. This screen shows the complete list of UK and Irish theatre venues in AusStage. Clicking on the venue name, or on one of the nations across the top of the list, will take you into the AusStage performance database.