Travel Grants

The Association of Performing Arts Collections (APAC) encourages members to apply for a grant to support attendance at APAC meetings and other relevant events. APAC has ring-fenced funds to provide travel grants for members.

Grants can cover modest travel expenses and the event registration fee (when applicable) at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Fill in the form to apply for a Travel Grant.

What events are eligible?

  • All APAC events
  • SIBMAS biennial conference
  • Events organised by an APAC member
  • Other Performing Arts Collections related events, at the discretion of the Executive Committee

What does the grant cover?

  • Complete or partial costs of travel
  • Accommodation, if this represents better value
  • Event registration fee
  • Other costs at the discretion of the Executive Committee

Who can apply for a travel grant?

  • Anyone who has been a member of APAC for 12 months (including Institutional Membership)
  • Only one Institutional member can receive a grant for each event
  • An Individual or Student member cannot receive a grant if they have been awarded one in the last two years
  • An Institutional member may be eligible for a grant if another individual from the same institution was awarded a grant within the last two years

How much is the grant?

  • The applicant may apply for up to £150 per grant
  • Higher levels of grants may be offered in special circumstances, for example for international events, at the discretion of the Executive Committee

How is the award of the grant decided?

  • APAC’s elected Executive Committee makes the final decision on awarding grants
  • In cases of high demand, applicants who have not received a grant in the previous three years will be prioritised

How is the grant paid?

  • The applicant forwards receipts to the APAC Treasurer, who reimburses the costs after the event by bank transfer or cheque payment
  • If the applicant is not able to attend the event, we regret that travel expenses cannot be reimbursed.

Applications should be submitted at least one month before a UK-based event, and at least three months before an international event.

Executive Committee decisions are final. Where applications have been received from members of the Executive Committee or their affiliate institutions, the relevant member of the Executive Committee will have no part in the discussion to award the travel grant.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about Travel Grants, please contact

Last updated January 2019