The National Resource Centre for Dance at 35

The National Resource Centre for Dance at the University of Surrey marks it 35 year anniversary this year. To celebrate, Emma Hallett, Archivist (Public Services), tells us about the collections it holds and its work to protect and promote the legacies of dancers, dance, and the performing arts. A (Very) Brief History… The NRCD was founded […]

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Mystery Item in the Archive

This month, Erin Lee, Archivist at the National Theatre (NT), introduces us to a mystery object given to the NT’s archive and how the team had some help to identify its use. Around 6 months ago, I received an email from the National Theatre’s (NT) Lighting department saying that they had found an old box […]

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Marking 1616: A Momentous Year – Shakespeare’s Globe Library & Archive

As 2016 draws to a close, Jacqui Grainger (Librarian) and Victoria Lane (Archivist) reflect on a momentous year at Shakespeare’s Globe. This year at The Globe has been momentous, as the epic theatrical adventure of taking Hamlet to every country on earth, built to a crescendo in early May. This was, of course, in celebration […]

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