APAC’s current constitution requires amendments, to be ratified at the 2017 AGM. Download the revised constitution here. Below is an explanation of the amendments.

1-2. Status, Mission, Vision: APAC members at the December 2016 meeting approved the new Mission and Vision statements introduced by the Executive Committee. These have been incorporated into the constitution.

3-4. Membership: The new two-level system of membership (national and international) and the introduction of student membership were approved at the 2016 AGM, and the constitution has been updated to reflect these.

5. Meetings and Events: The wording has been clarified to state the number of member meetings and the rules on attendance.

6.1. ExCom Composition: The current co-chair, Karen Brown, is stepping down from the Executive Committee but has agreed to stay on as APAC’s newsletter editor. The Publicity Officer post was removed because this work is being carried out by a team within the ExCom.

6.3. ExCom Responsibilities: Because APAC’s work is carried out, voluntarily, by members of the Executive Committee, guidelines on their attendance at meetings have been introduced.

7. Travel Grants: APAC’s new policy on travel grants was circulated to the membership in 2015, and the constitution has been updated to reflect it.